I have been thinking about doing a blog for a wee while now to document the roller coaster that is raising some little people. I know there are millions of ‘mummy blogs’ or whatever you want to call them out there, most i’m sure far more interesting than I am but the ones i’ve really enjoyed reading have been the completely honest. With facebook, twitter, instagram etc. its so easy to look and imagine others with the ‘perfect’ life. Very rarely, if ever, do you see someone post that their beloved little cherub has been a total shit all day, or that they have been left so worn down and sleep deprived thats its a struggle to remember their own name (like the name of this blog, see what i did there!) but it happens and its normal. With a 10, 2 and 1 year old I have the full array of pre teen tantrums, terrible twos and teething tears so there is never a dull, or quiet, moment. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows but there are plenty of those too.

Parenting is definitely challenging at times to say the least. Dealing with strong minded small humans can push you to the very brink of losing your mind on a daily basis. You are projectile vomitted on, peed on, pooed on, screamed at, be told you are the worst mum ever because ‘everyone else is allowed to have the iPhone 6s!’  But then there are the squishy hugs, sloppy kisses,  the ‘love you mummy’ the hilariously funny chats that all make your heart want to explode and make everything worthwhile times a million.

After having my third, and most definitely final, child I have in no way sussed this parenting thing out yet. I’m sure I make plenty of mistakes every day but I’m trying my best and muddling through with the help of a lovely husband (and the odd glass of wine or 3 for sanity reasons) and with three mostly happy, healthy and sometimes slightly crazy kids I can’t be doing that shit a job of it!