New months resolutions: June 

Holy moly, how is it June already?! My big plan for this month is to be more healthy and lose a bit of weight. After all the recent sunshiny weather I’ve been horrified to discover I can no longer squeeze my ever increasing in size ass into any of my summer wear. Bad times. So this is my action plan:

Eat better food: I don’t like the word diet because I always feel like it sounds too difficult and restrictive so I’m going with making healthier choices about what food I eat. I still find this difficult as I bloody love food and would actually eat all day long if I could and let’s be honest you obviously cannae beat a galaxy with a cup of tea but I know I should probably replace my daily chocolate bar with fruit. I need to start planning my meals better too as all too often I end up running to the shop on my way home to grab some dinner and then not eating until late after the kids are in bed so I will also attempt to be more organized!

Drink less wine: I probably drink too much wine. After I’m finished my working week I always feel like I’ve earned a wee glass or three most nights of my long weekend. This is defo not helping my calorie intake.

Do more exercise: Exercise is actually something I’ve always quite enjoyed doing and have been a bit of a gym obsessive in the past. It’s just something I find hard to fit in now with the kids, work and hubby working long hours or being away. I’m usually so knackered by the time I get the kids to bed that I’m ready for a sleep myself. I really want to start making time to take up running though. Sadly right now I’d probably struggle to run to the top of the street without feeling like I’m going to have a cardiac arrest but I’ve downloaded the c25k app, which is an app that trains you to run 5k using intervals of running and walking and gradually builds up the running time until you can run for 5k. We live in such a lovely place for running by the sea too hopefully that will give me a bit of motivation!

In other June news:

it’s a busy one for my biggest coming into her last two months of primary school (waaaaa) she has a school residential trip for 3 days, her end of year performance which she is starring in as the much sought after role of villager 3 and first visits to high school.

The littlest is almost two, or 21 months old if you’re one of those people. Her vocabulary has come on so well recently and she is saying new words daily. Although her favourite is still yelling “Nooo!” complete with scowling face.

Speaking of vocabulary the three year old has also picked up a few new words lately, noteably “shit” and “arse” very cleverly used in appropriate context: “I’m not wearing this shit” and “mummy can you move your arse, I’m watching tv” *cringe* I completely blame his father!!

Happy June!

S xx

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14 thoughts on “New months resolutions: June 

  1. Haha, I love how you say you should “probably” exchange your chocolate bar with fruit! And oh my word, what your son says to you about moving yourself out of his view of the tv!!! LOL Too funny


  2. Oh I am with you on the exercise front. I really like exercising but I can’t find the time! Sounds like you are going to have a busy June too. I hope oldest’s residential trip away goes ok! Thanks for linking up with us at #KCACOLS and we hope that you will join us again next week 🙂 x


    • It’s always hard when you’re balancing lots of different things. I’m sure she will be fine but it scares me everyday that’s she’s getting older and gaining more and more independence! Thanks for your comment, because I’m very new to blogging I loved #KCACOLS for getting to read and enjoy lots of fab blog posts so will defo be joining again X

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  3. My daughter goes to high school in September too, just where has the time come. I am with you on the word diet, but I am also with you on the galaxy and a cup of tea lol x


    • It’s scary how fast the time goes by isn’t it? I used to always tell myself that if I had chocolate with tea the calories didn’t count because they got melted. Sadly my waistline has disproved this theory! Haha X


  4. Haha I think my little one will eventually pick up some ‘fecking’ this and that from my Irish other half!! I’m trying to be a bit more healthy too, although also falling at the exercise hurdle. I’ve done the c25k app before and it’s fab – great motivation to do it bit by bit, I couldn’t believe it when I could run 5k at the end of it. Now I can’t run to the bus stop ho hum x #KCACOLS


    • We really try not to swear in front of the children but it’s like as soon as they pick up on a word they’re not suppose to say it will become all they want to say! I’m still struggling to fit in the exercise, the c25k looks really good but there’s always something that comes up and I put it off. Really must stop making excuses! Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Sam xx

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  5. Being healthy is my main goal too. I like to think of it as a lifestyle change rather than dieting but I did eat a massive pizza for tea last night and have a desert….oops.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    Azaria- Being Mrs Lynch


    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 I think a cheat night is definitely allowed, unfortunately I have more cheat than healthy nights! Enjoyed #KCACOLS and reading lots of fab posts so will defo be back.
      Sam xx


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