New month’s resolutions: July 

I know we’re a few days into July now but I’ve been living in the olden days in that time as hubby broke the Internet. Not in a Kim Kardashian way, but in a threw a toy car down the stairs and broke the router way. The fool. But anyways, last month I resolved to eat better, drink less wine and do more exercise. I can now officially announce that I have successfully achieved none of these things.

 I think the food thing is all going wrong because I am too disorganized and on my work days I can’t be bothered making a big meal so end up throwing together a wee quick thing for the kids and picking at things for myself. I even had a packet of crisps for dinner one night. This month I’m going to try doing meal plans at the beginning of each week and preparing things in advance so it doesn’t seem such a chore when I get home. Hopefully this will help save a bit of money too as far too often I’m dropping into the local shop on the way home to pick up bits and bobs. 

The drinking less wine thing is not going well. Mainly because I really like wine, and honestly I’m not sure life with three kids is even compatible with not unwinding with a few glasses of wine at the weekend so I’m over that one now. 

(This may not have been my first glass!) 

I actually went out for a run one time last month, only to remember how much I hate running. Why people choose to do it for fun is beyond me. I obviously had to follow through with the farce when I was out with all the running gear on, looking a right tool in sight of the real runners. Felt I was going to pass away more than once and it was the worst. Think I’m gonna try joining the gym this month. 

So this month’s resolutions will be

  • Making meal plans for a week at a time
  • Saving money by not food shopping day to day
  • Joining and then actually going to the gym

In other July news:

It is now my last full month of my twenties 😖

The biggest will have her very last day of primary school. She’s already mortified in advance that I’m going to show her up by bawling like an idiot at her school  leavers assembly. She has her final school disco, or ‘prom’ as they now like to be known as apparently!  Also this week she has a full day visit to her new high school. I am really nervous, she seems completely unphased by it. 

The biggest little one (3) will have his visit to preschool in preparation for starting his preschool year in September. He has a new found love for Harry Potter at the moment which I’m taking as a massive parenting success. 

The littlest continues to be a little fierce princess who will not settle for not getting things her own way. She has no fear at all and now there has been a recent increase in fighting between the toddlers there is never any doubt on who will come out on top. There will be absolutely no messing with this one. 

Hope you have a great July, and we finally get some summer weather now! 

Pink Pear Bear


12 thoughts on “New month’s resolutions: July 

  1. Oh this is very funny – I’ve not read your blogs before but I love this! Oh my word about the router – seriously annoying! Love your approach to life – my kinda girl – I’ve 3 kids too – let’s not judge us on our wine intake! Good luck with a productive July – I look forward to reading all about it x #chucklemums

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  2. Hahaha…I really enjoyed reading this post and you had me laughing! You’re funny. I am the same with the meals. If I am not prepared, i end up reaching out for whatever is bad for me but of course. Let’s not even talk about running – I am SO with you on that one. Good luck! #bigpinklink

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  3. I like that you’re going to ‘try’ to join the gym – impressive bit of wiggle room in there!! I agree that running is no way to spend a life – unless trying to escape from a perilous situation of course! #chucklemums

    Liked by 1 person

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