5 ridiculous things my kids have done this week 

Woooooo…..it’s Friday!

I’m particularly happy this Friday because after being away for work this week my husband will be home tonight. His time away, of course, coincided with the three year old having hand, foot and mouth disease. Luckily it seemed to only be mild and he quickly got over it but , in true man style, he really enjoyed milking it and “mummy I’m poorly so I need…..” (It was mainly chocolate) became his favourite phrase. I got to spend my unexpected extra days off antibac-ing everywhere like a fiend and being paranoid about the rest of us contracting it.

To celebrate surviving to the end of another week with my sanity mostly intact I have compiled a small list of ridiculous things my kids have done this week

  1. I was having a lovely day, chilling in the garden and enjoying the sun while the kids were playing. The littlest  tried to hand me something so I put my hand out……. It was a snail.
  2. The toddlers had an almighty synchronised temper tantrum because I wouldn’t let them have ice lollies for breakfast.
  3. Three year old told me “mummy I love your hair, it looks like worms”
  4. The biggest, who is eleven and should know better, cut a big chunk from the  front of her long hair. It was because she was bored apparently!
  5. And just to make sure I hadn’t had it too easy this week. This morning the littlest kindly removed her nappy in her cot covering it, and herself, in poo. Never the best start to a day! 

So with that I patiently await their bedtime, hopefully featuring a helping husband and then sitting down with a large glass of wine.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

S xx