Time off!

Life with 3 small people and a big person (husband) to look after, as well as a part time job leaves me with very little time to myself. Sooo this weekend I got to spend three whole hours having elusive ‘me’ time getting pampered at the hairdressers, complete with a couple of cheeky wee glasses of rose. As you can see my lovely hairdresser, as always, had her work cut out for her.


But after several hours of working her way through my unmanageable mane, as I got to enjoy adult chat, reading a magazine without it being ripped from my hands and wine.


I am loving the result of my shinier, blonder summer look


Just wish I could keep it looking like this, but unfortunately its already resumed my usual  ‘I have three kids so I barely even get time to brush my own hair’  look.

S xx