Toddler TV: Paw Patrol

Lets be honest the use of tv to distract children can be a saviour, e.g. when you want to have a quick pee that’s not an audience participation event or hide in the cupboard to enjoy a sneaky chocolate treat without being decendended upon by crazed zombie like kids. Once you’ve introduced it from then on in you are subject to a whole lot of annoying characters, presenters with very odd fashion sense and horrendously catchy songs that you find yourself singing all day long.

My little boys current favourite is Paw Patrol, with the catchiest theme tune of them all. Paw patrol  takes place in adventure bay, a strange little town with areas of bay, farmland, jungle, mountains and  tundra. There is always a drama going on but luckily the citizens are in safe hands as the emergency services take the form of Ryder, aged 10 and his team of pups who are there to save the day. I do question the efficiency of the service as there is a lot of fannying around with chatting and shouting of catchphrases which I believe is seriously impeding their response time. Ryder is a totally arrogant wee guy but I suppose as the safety of the whole town rests on his shoulders that can be forgiven. The pups all have their specialist areas and are all equipped with appropriately pimped up vehicles to zoom around town in. From what I can gather Chase is the police force, Marshall the fire and medical service, Sky is air rescue, Rubble is mountain rescue, zuma is sea rescue and poor Rocky,  bless him, is in charge of recycling.

Another cause for concern in Adventure Bay is the mayor, Mayor Goodway. She is completely unable to  take care of herself and is always leading herself and others into perilous situations. This leads me to wonder how she ever managed to become mayor in the first place. I’m thinking maybe sexual favours or some other dodgy deal. This is only speculation though as it’s not an area I have seen explored during an episode yet. Mayor Goodway has a pet handbag chicken, Chickoletta. She is my favourite, because unlike the super annoying pups she doesn’t say much and when it’s all kicking off she just goes around not giving a shit.

Other Adventure bay regulars include Katie,  who owns a grooming salon, and her cat Callie, Captain Tulbot the fisherman who lives in the lighthouse, Mr Porter the greengrocer and his nephew Alex and the married farmers Al and Yumi. None of whom are strangers to getting into ridiculous situations requiring pup intervention. Unfortunately for the pups it’s not only the incompetent human inhabitants who need saving. Lots of their time is also devoted to animal rescue too. 

When the pups have some rare free time from rescuing the towns idiots they enjoy a wee game of pup, pup boogie, which is the dance mat of the pup world. I’ve had to mention this  because the song sticks in your head for days and you find yourself going round Morrison’s singing how you can’t get enough of that pup pup stuff. Judging by the amount of shit I know about Adventure Bay life it’s clear that I can’t!! 

S xx

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